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Prp for Hair at the Florida Skin Center

Patient #1:

22 year old male. Noticed his hair was gradually thinning and came to our office for treatment.  He was initially started on treatment with Propecia and topicals such as Rogaine and steroid solutions.  He saw slight improvement with these treatments but wanted to do something more aggressive. He then started hair restoration treatments using laser light twice a week. Pt had seen improvements with the laser light but wanted to know all his treatment options and decided that he would like try PRP treatments.

Before and After PRP Pt 1

Patient #2:

33 year old male had noticed gradual thinning over years. It ran in his family. Pt had never used any products like Rogaine or previous treatments because he thought there was nothing that could really help. Was at our office for a different problem and read about PRP.  Decided to do PRP because it did not require much maintenance and treatments are only twice a year.

Before & After Pt2

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